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◉ Would you like to install an EAP program?

What is EAP (Employee Assistance Program)?

This is a support program that aims to improve mental health, counseling, and work performance for employees by setting up a consultation desk outside the company.

You can notice early and take measures such as mental disorders of employees / employees, performance, deterioration of work efficiency, retirement, etc.

Individual interview (business trip counseling)

Counseling as part of mental health measures

Career consulting to increase individual employee motivation

Individual counseling to establish meaningful engagement between managers (organizations) and employees / employees

Training / lectures, etc.

Training / lecture content example

・ Basic knowledge about stress, mental health and harassment

・ Assertions, how to listen to the counselor, how to give advice, etc.

・ Support methods for returnees with mental health problems and those with disabilities ・ Environmental adjustment

・ Support methods for people with characteristics such as developmental disabilities

・ Group work ・ Team building

* Price breakdown

Individual interview (business trip counseling), training, instructor fee guide

2 hours 20,000 yen ~ (including meetings)

* For details, please contact us using the application form below.


Please bear the actual expenses for the instructor's transportation expenses. (For distant guests, accommodation fees may be required, so please contact us.)

Estimate / application

Thank you for sending

* If you have any questions, please feel free to use the inquiry form below.

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