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Inasa Beach, Shimane Prefecture

This view of the perfect star is the view of Inasa Beach in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture. I didn't usually notice that there were so many stars, but when I took a picture with a high-sensitivity camera, there were so many stars.

Looking at this picture, I had something to remember. This is a UNICEF video on Youtube that I checked because a young man watched it the other day. BTS has sent a message to "to the future generations of the world facing the pandemic of infectious diseases". The message said, "When we have to remember who we are and face each other, we love ourselves and imagine the future ... the darker the night, the brighter the stars."
I think it looks like it's bleak.
There is a psychotherapy that looks at oneself called naikan therapy, which also aims at healing by looking inside oneself and looking at it, but it is similar to that method.
Stars that are always invisible, even if you can't see them if they are too bright, they still exist ... You may be able to realize that such a wonderful world is spreading within you. Maybe.


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