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NVC〜non verbal communication(ノンバーバルコミュニケーション)

Nonverbal communication is especially important in counseling. Things that are often mentioned when it comes to nonverbal communication include facial expressions, tone of voice, volume of voice, and clothing, but what I'm particularly interested in is hand movements when someone is speaking. This is often not visible when sitting in a chair, but especially when an emotional conversation is being held, the hands may tremble, the arms may be folded a little, or the palms may tense up and hold something tightly. I feel like there are many changes that are happening, such as being held. Since you can only see the face online (although sometimes you can't see the whole face...), it was difficult to see the movements of the hands, which made it difficult. After all, consultation/counseling is best done face-to-face.



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