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Private counseling

<All prices include tax>

<For women>

Career counseling


1 time 45 minutes 2500 yen

We will also consider long-term career plans such as consultation about the current workplace (human relations, work content, etc.) and help to achieve your dreams and goals.

If you wish, you can also perform aptitude tests necessary for self-understanding from the second time onwards.



<For women>

Mental counseling

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One time 50 minutes 3000 yen

We will help you organize your feelings while staying close to the counselor regarding daily relationships, stress, difficulty in living and anxiety.




​1回 30分 2000円




You can also enter the reservation screen from the QR code


<For supporters>



1 time 60 minutes 3500 yen


Home, welfare services, education, businesses, etc.

On-site child-rearing support, nursing support, people with disabilities

Support for and withdrawal For those who are involved in support, we will ask about their worries and problems, and how to get involved.

Think together. We will strictly adhere to confidentiality obligations such as personal information.

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